Don’t You Think Nineteen’s Too Young?

This is an amazing interpretation of this song. I never made the connection of Dear John to my eating disorder but this post has definitely added a new found meaning to one of my favorite songs. ❤

Stay Fearless

Dear John - Taylor Swift

As we have all clearly read, post after post, I clearly have this slight obsession with Taylor Swift songs. Today’s post is no different than others. Here we are again talking about a sad Taylor song; this time its Dear John.

As I was listening to the song yesterday on the way home (after I had one of my worst days). I’ve always thought this song  was one of her saddest but also one of the best written. As the song went on I started to relate the “John” in the song to my own personal struggle, Ed. Everything she was saying about how he made her feel, or how he tore her self-esteem down or made her feel insignificant was everything that is currently happening to me.

dear john - taylor swift

That lyric in particular rings true to me. Ed really does “paint me a blue sky” and then go back and change…

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