Rambling thoughts

Recently, Demi Lovato tweeted, “Perfectionism only leads to disappointments and insecurities. Self acceptance leads to nothing but confidence, motivation, strength, and humility. Is “perfection” really worth sacrificing your emotional freedom at the expense of other’s standards and expectations? Who are YOU living for: our society or YOURSELF?”

This really made me stop and think for a moment. All too often we hear that the standards of beauty in society are unrealistic, this isn’t news to me. But when it is framed as a question of whether I am living for myself or society, it kind of changes the way I think about it a bit.

The conclusion that I came to is that it should not be a question of whether I am living for myself OR society, because the fact of the matter is that I am living for both. I am living for myself for sure—it is my life after all—but it is society which influences my perceptions and values in the world. So even though I feel like I am doing something for myself (like losing weight) the reason I am actually doing it is a result of what society has told me I should be doing. It would be easy to say that I should simply ignore society and be who I want to be, but that would be impossible. A lot of the messages that society sends to people are subliminal messages that don’t even register in the conscious mind. Even the act of ignoring society is sort of indirectly a result of society telling people what to do.

But all the same, Demi’s tweet really resonated with me. She is truly an inspiration to me because she has gone through everything I am experiencing right now and she has somehow come out of it a stronger person. So maybe there is hope after all.

The last few days have been really terrible for me. It’s like everything annoys me. I just want to be alone. I feel bad for my family because I know they are just trying to talk to me but even the most well-meaning comment bothers me. So rather than just sitting in my room I decided to write a blog.

Thanks for reading this long-winded (probably boring) post!


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