Things I wish I knew:

1. How to stop worrying about stupid little things

2. How to stop a panic attack when I feel it coming on

3. How to stop hating my body

4. How to focus on school better

5. How to be more understanding of others (particularly my parents)

6. How to control my anxiety

7. How to play piano

8. How to draw really well

9. How to say no to people

10. How to be happy


4 thoughts on “Things I wish I knew:

  1. Stuck on Social Work says:

    potential answers based on my experience to explore with yourself and your supports..
    1) don’t sweat the small stuff
    2) and 6) take some classes on 7) and/or 8) to refocus during times of panic and anxiety
    3)everyone is beautiful in their own way
    4) break everything down to smallest tasks as possible
    5) Tough one – listen and hopefully they will listen back
    9) Personally I am really not expert in this area but consider short term and long term consequences of not saying no.
    10) I use this quote all the time but Jerry Seinfeld said about working… “we have to find the misery that makes us most happy.” Life is full of ups and downs.
    Keep writing your words have impact. best of luck in your continued recovery 🙂

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