Fuck Society

Fuck Society

Fuck society.
Fuck the standards of beauty that have driven countless women to starve themselves in pursuit of the impossibly thin “ideal” body.
Fuck the double standard that says that a woman is a slut if she puts out but a prude if she saves herself.
Fuck the stigmatization of mental illness.
Fuck racism.
Fuck ageism.
Fuck sexism.
Fuck patriarchy.
Fuck the unfair economic class system that denies 99% percent of the world the peace of mind of financial security.
Fuck the sexual objectification of women that values bodies over brains.
Fuck the unspoken rules that say that boys and men are not allowed to show emotion.
Fuck the selfishness of the rich who do nothing to help as the poor starve to death.
Fuck cancer.
Fuck the fact that cigarettes are legal despite the cancer-causing properties while many cancer-fighting drugs remain illegal in many countries.
Fuck the cultures that value men over women so much so that they will kill or abandon a baby simply because it was born a female.
Fuck the judgemental opinion that criminalizes a victim of rape who decides to abort the child that was so horribly conceived.
Fuck the victim-blaming belief that claims “she was asking for it”.
Fuck slut shaming.
Fuck homophobia.
Fuck oppression.
Fuck society.


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