1 in 2 girls in Canada will be sexually abused at some point in their lives

I saw this commercial today while I was watching TV and I have to say that I was absolutely shocked. The commercial ends with some statistics that state 1 in 2 girls in Canada will experience rape or sexual abuse in their lives. This is a terrifying number. As someone who have experienced sexual abuse I have to say that I can’t believe the number is so high. I have always felt so alone. I obviously know that other women have gone through similar experiences but I had no idea that the number of victims was so high. I mean, its entirely possible that someone else that I know has been through something similar.
I am so glad that the Canadian Women’s Foundation is spreading awareness about the horrific reality of sexual crimes against women. As someone who has lived through it and continues to suffer from the horrible consequences every single say, I can honestly say that it means so much to me that someone cares enough to raise awareness.


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