Dream Interpretations?

Dream Interpretations?

The last few weeks I’ve been having really weird dreams. For a few nights in a row I had dreams in which I was faced with a head on collision. In the dream, no matter how hard I tried I could not avoid the other car. Whenever I would swerve my car one way the other car would move so that I could not avoid it. In the first dream I managed to narrowly avoid the other car then scared myself awake. The second night the dream ended when my car flipped so that the front of my car slammed into the ground. Again, somehow I never made contact with the other car and then I woke up.
I commute to work and school (about an hour drive) 5 days a week so I suppose this could be my subconscious telling me something, but its not like I’m afraid of driving so I’m not sure where these dreams came from.
Last night, I dreamed about being attacked by a cat. Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I’m not afraid of cats. The weird thing is that the cat only bit me on my wrist in the spot that I most recently cut myself. Also, when the cat bit me it felt real. Like I could actually feel the pain of its teeth piercing my arm. I kept waking up through the night but every time I fell asleep I went back into the same dream.
I’m not sure if this is related to my self-harm or if it is just a weird dream. I guess it would make sense if it was related to the cutting because my most recent cut was the deepest I have ever cut. I kind of scared myself because it didn’t stop bleeding for 12 hours. I haven’t cut since then, but the wound from that cut still isn’t healed. Other than that though I can’t think of any reason why I might be dreaming about a cat attacking me.

Any dream interpreters out there want to give me some advice? I would love to hear what you think my dreams might be about.


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