Books, Tea, and alone time: My secrets to stress relief

Books, Tea, and alone time: My secrets to stress relief

One of the things that I have struggled most with throughout my life is how to deal with stress. Its overwhelming at times and it can even seem unbearable. That said, there are a few things that I have found that help me deal with stress.

Reading is definitely one of the best methods of stress relief for me. It allows me to lose my self in someone else’s story for a while and forget about my own problems.

Tea also really helps me relax. In fact, I just prepared a french vanilla black tea for myself a few minutes ago. The added benefit of this of course is the fact that there are no calories (this is the bulimia talking, I know…).

Lastly, alone time is great. Having time to myself every once in a while really helps me to unwind. I love my family, but sometimes they drive me nuts. When I have time to myself it allows me to take a break from all the things that they do that drive me crazy.

Now, I want you to close your eyes and picture this. You’re outside. Its early evening so the sun is just starting to go down but it is still light enough for you to read your favorite book. You have curled up on a blanket in the back yard and you have your book in one hand, tea in the other. You smile to yourself as you get to your favorite part in the book, take a sip of your delicious tea, and sigh happily as the sound of crickets chirping relaxes you.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? This is the perfect remedy for a stressful work week. If you’re feeling a little tense I would highly recommend it!

Let me know how you unwind after a stressful day in the comments below!


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