General rule of thumb: Don’t tell people they will get fat if they eat *fill in the blank*

I’ve been doing okay lately with my eating and today I decided I would go outside of my regular strict diet and have two timbits. I mentioned that I was going to Tim Hortons to one of my co-workers in passing and she said “if you eat timbits you will get fat”. I wanted to tell her to shut the fuck up. I wanted to tell her that my weight is none of her concern.

The sad part is that this isn’t even the first time she has commented on my food. She comments on what I am eating at least twice a week. If I am eating vegtables than I MUST be anorexic (wrong) but if I’m eating *god forbid* TWO WHOLE TIMBITS than I am going to turn into a cow (wrong again).

Its funny because the topic of eating disorders has come up at work over lunch 3 times in the last week and my co-workers all make snide comments and jokes about it. I just sit there quietly listening to everything that they say about it and thinking to myself that they don’t even realize that they are sitting with someone who has an eating disorder at that very moment. But that is the nature of an eating disorder; it truly is an invisible illness.

But back to the incident today, the girl that I work with is from a very traditional upbringing so she and I disagree about a lot of things. She asserts that you MUST get married before having kids so that the man cannot leave the woman (cuz no guy on the face of this planet has ever left a woman once the ring is on his finger, right?). She insists that marriage is not a personal choice, but an inevitable part of life. When I say that its my decision whether I want to get married she says I’m young and naive. Umm…did I mention that she is younger than me?

The point of this is not to bash her beliefs, but rather to point out that I can tolerate most of her annoying biased opinions. But she crossed the line today. She had no right to say what she said. It is none of her business what I eat. And she is such a hypocrite because she then turned around and bought herself timbits so I guess she’s immune to getting fat but I’m not.

Needless to say, this is not the sort of thing that someone who is suffering from an eating disorder wants to here. As if I’m not already obsessed with my weight. As if I’m not already counting calories. As if I don’t already hate my body enough already.

I just can’t tolerate it when people say things like “you’re going to get fat if you eat that” because in all honesty its none of their DAMN business if I get fat in the first place.

And that’s my rant for the night folks. Thanks for reading!!


2 thoughts on “General rule of thumb: Don’t tell people they will get fat if they eat *fill in the blank*

    • Ayla_xo says:

      It drives me crazy when people say stuff like that. It actually makes me SO mad. Ugh. People are so insensitive.

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