Color therapy


Have you ever considered the therapeutic potential of colouring? I’ve recently discovered that it is a great distraction when I’m feeling anxious, stressed, or self I destructive. It allows me to just think things through and it actually helps me to calm down when I am feeling overwhelmed. It provides me with a distraction when I am feeling the need to self-harm and it also gives my hands something to do which helps to stop the tactile urge to cut. To someone who does not deal with self-harm this might seem crazy but it works. If you are suffering from self-harm I would highly recommend trying this out. Its a great way to distract yourself and if you are an artistic person like me it can also provide you with a creative release.
This is by no means a replacement for professional therapy, but it definitely helps in those high-stress moments. Your therapist can’t be there 100% of the time to stop you from self-harming and if you really want to recover you’ve got to come up with some distraction techniques and coping skills. This one definitely helps me.
If you’re looking for new ways to cope I would suggest that you give this a shot. If it doesn’t work, there’s no harm done. But if you never give it a shot you won’t know if it will help you!
Other techniques I use to cope and distract myself are journaling, Sudoku puzzles, playing guitar, playing with my dog, talking to a friend, going for a walk, or listening to music (usually in combination with the other activities because music doesn’t really distract me enough on its own).

If you have any other coping strategies that you’d like to share please feel free to leave a comment below!!




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