Going through a break up? Watch this video

This girl offers some AMAZING advice for anyone going through a break-up. I know that I am definitely using some of the excuses she mentions in the video (ie. he is a really great guy, I’m never going to find anyone like him). I also know that she is right about needing to cut him out of my life, at least temporarily. The only way to move on is to stop feeling attached and emotionally dependent on the other individual and the only way to stop having these feelings is to give yourself a break from them. You are not likely to forget how you feel overnight, but if you give it some time you will eventually stop having those feelings for someone.

I’m in the really emotionally low phase of the post-break-up cycle so I know this video definitely helps to lift my mood. I’ve watched it at least once a day for the last 4 days and it helps me every single time. Its like a reminder of the fact that even though I don’t feel okay right now, I will be okay eventually. It takes time to heal.




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