I want to see you be brave

Today I heard an amazing song that really spoke to me. Its called “Brave” and it is by Sara Bareilles.

What stood out to me about this song is the message that you can really do anything, you just have to be brave. We all have struggles and we all get knocked down, but we need to be brave and get back up.

“You can be amazing
You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug
You can be the outcast
Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love
Or you can start speaking up”

She also talks about how life can sometimes feel like a cage, but that there is a way to break free. To me, this speaks to the overwhelming expectations that I have for myself. I need to be smart and get straight A’s. I need to lose weight and be skinny. I need to be pretty. I need to be strong. I need to be independent. But at some point, these goals went from something to motivate me to something that controls me. This song really opened my eyes to the fact that I am my own worst enemy and that I can break free of the cage that I have put myself in.

“Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your brave is”

Lastly, the song really speaks to my desire to raise awareness about mental illness. She talks about not letting your words be empty which is really important to me because I want people to hear my story and feel an emotional connection to everything I have been through. I want the compassion of the world to be brought to life and ignited through my words and I want this to help raise awareness about mental illness.

“Let your words be anything but empty
Why don’t you tell them the truth?”

But most of all, this song gave me hope. The song inspired me to “be brave” even though I am fighting my way through the dark depths of depression. The song gave me a reason to believe that there are ways to be strong and recover. The song reminds me that no matter how alone I feel, there will always be somebody who is willing to help; I just have to be brave enough to let them know that I need them.

I want to see myself be brave.

I want to see you be brave.




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