Thank God life isn’t as predictable as the fairy tales

Once upon a time there was someone who told me I wasn’t good enough, that I wouldn’t succeed, that I was wrong. But thankfully, my life is not as predictable as the fairy tales; my “once upon a time” doesn’t end the way that person thought it would.

I give myself a hard time a lot and put myself down, but I really do need to give myself credit. I’m a lot stronger than I (or anyone else) realize. I’ve been through a lot and I’ve come out the other side with hope for the future.

I’ll admit that I have my low points, but that does not mean I am not capable of achieving my dreams. I’m struggling a lot right now with a relapse into my eating disorder, but I’ve been free of self-harm for 42 days. Those 42 days have been extremely difficult and as time goes on it only gets more difficult to resist the urges, but I haven’t given in.

It’s frustrating when people who I once trusted with my darkest secrets are no longer supportive, but I know that their opinions of me do not define me. I’m going to prove them wrong about me. I’m going to succeed in ways which they believe I will never succeed.

Once upon a time I believed I was weak and incapable; once upon a time I was hopeless and angry; once upon a time I hated myself; but “once upon a time” is not where I’m living today.

I’m strong because I believe it.




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