Pro-Eating Disorder T-shirts? Spreadshirt needs to be stopped.


Hey everyone! This morning I was contacted by someone about a petition that is intended to put an end to the pro-eating disorder, Nazi chic, and sexist apparel that is available on I had already signed the petition previously and spread awareness about it on my Facebook, but I hadn’t thought to blog about it, so here goes!

As an individual who is currently suffering from an eating disorder and a proud feminist, I am extremely opposed to the clothing that is being sold on the site. For example, the shirts feature phrases such as “Beautifully Bulimic”, “Alluring Anorexic”, “Swallow! OR IT’S GOING TO YOUR EYE”, while also featuring Nazi-chic logos and images of women in degrading positions.

Needless to say, I am disgusted. The company is promoting an extremely damaging culture. Mental illness should not be glamorized. Female inferiority should not be perpetuated. Nazi culture should not be made light of. Anyone who thinks this is okay (or even worse, supports the company by purchasing the products) is ignorant and I am certainly not afraid to say so.

If you agree (and I’m hoping you will), please sign this petition online to force the company to take the products off the site. It will only take a moment of your time!

As always, thank you for reading!




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