50 Things that DON’T Determine my Worth

This is absolutely perfect. There are so many things that people will try to define you by. It’s important to take the time to define yourself based on your own standards and not those of others.

breaking seams

  1. The number on the scale.
  2. My GPA.
  3. Your opinion of me.
  4. The number of likes I get on Facebook.
  5. The size of my jeans.
  6. My diagnosis.
  7. My past.
  8. The number of scars on my body.
  9. The way I’ve been treated in the past.
  10. My gender.
  11. The stereotypes I may or may not fit into.
  12. My age.
  13. The number of times he texts me today.
  14. The amount of calories I’ve consumed.
  15. My religious beliefs.
  16. The number of boyfriends I’ve had.
  17. My physical appearance.
  18. The amount of Instagram followers I have.
  19. What the haters think.
  20. My race.
  21. My sexual history.
  22. Your drunken analysis of me.
  23. How many friends I have.
  24. The stores I shop in.
  25. The amount of money my family has.
  26. My favorite music.
  27. My upbringing.
  28. The size of my boobs.
  29. My level of treatment.
  30. The grade I got on that final exam.
  31. The number of presents I get for Christmas.

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