Staying positive about recovery

One of the most difficult things for anyone struggling with an eating disorder, self-harm, or any other mental illness is staying positive during recovery. Optimism is extremely important to recovery; if you do not think that you are going to recover, then you wont. You need to be positive and have a good outlook about recovery. While I have not recovered yet, I’m getting closer and closer with every attempt at recovery. Here are some things that have helped me stay positive:

1. Remind yourself why you want to recover.

2. Reward yourself for little milestones.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a slip up; it happens to the best of us.

4. Make yourself a “crisis box” or a “happy box” and fill it with things that make you happy (books, candles, quotes, pictures, etc.) so that you have something to do when you are feeling down.

5. Write down your feelings in a journal rather than keeping everything inside.

6. If you cannot think of a reason to recover for yourself, think of why your loved ones want you to recover.

7. Think about everything you have lost to your illness and everything you will gain from recovery (and I don’t mean weight)

8. Talk to someone when you are feeling like giving up (ie. family, friends, your therapist, a teacher, a guidance counselor, etc.).

9. Do something that you enjoy everyday for no reason other than to make yourself happy (ie. spend some time on a hobby that you really enjoy).

10. Focus on yourself and your own recovery. It can be hard enough to recover when you are dealing with your own issues, try not to take on the burden of everyone else’s problems as well. You might end up setting yourself up for failure.

I hope that these points will help some of you with your recovery as they have helped me.

Stay strong; stay positive. You can do this. Recovery IS possible.




4 thoughts on “Staying positive about recovery

  1. toriblack says:

    Hi love 🙂 I’m trying to start an organization for my friend that passed away from an eating disorder. It’s called HALOS: Heal Act Love Overcome in memory of Stacy. Here’s the website: if you want just check it out or you can help me get the word out! My goal is to raise awareness towards eating disorders and hopefully in the future start raising money for people who can’t afford treatment

    • Aylalala_xo says:

      This is a wonderful site that you’ve set up! I will definitely spread awareness about it on my twitter and I’ll write a blog about it soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with me 🙂 I would love to help you raise awareness and help people get treatment. I know how expensive it can be and I’m dreading the moment when I will no longer have coverage for treatment in 4 months time. Your efforts will surely help someone in the future and I am so sorry that you lost your friend.

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