Better is not so far away

This morning I started reading a book called “better is not so far away” by Melissa Groman. Initially, I was drawn to the book because the cover states that it deals with bingeing, starving and cutting, all of which I’ve dealt with and am currently trying to recover from. I picked the book up at the library yesterday and for some reason this morning when I woke up I just really wanted to get a head start on reading it. Coffee in hand, I spent my morning sitting on the balcony reading the book and I was shocked to discover just how much I can relate to the information in the book. I’ve never felt so thoroughly understood outside of the confines of my therapist’s office as I felt when I started to read this book.

I was astonished by just how accurately the content of the book describes how i’ve been feeling. I’ve always felt as though nobody could truly understand what it’s like to struggle with self-harm and disordered eating unless they have experienced it themselves. After reading a few chapters though I realized that the author could empathize with me not only because of the hundreds of clients who she has worked with, but because she has also struggled with the same issues in the past.

When I realized that the author had actually struggled with many of the same issues, I felt infinitely more connected to her. Her book inspired me while I was reading it and I am definitely planning to go and purchase my own copy after I return the copy that I am currently reading to the library. I’ve been struggling with relapses for over a year now and I think that having this book on my shelf will certainly help me make it through those periods without falling completely back into my old ways.

Reading the book has provided me with the same sense of support that I feel when I am talking to my therapist one on one. It’s strange to think that a book can give me the same feelings as my therapist–who I feel really close to–but it’s really the only comparison that I can make to accurately describe what the book is like for me.

If you are struggling with self-harm or an eating disorder and you think you might want to start recovering, or maybe you just want to feel like someone really understands you, I would really recommend that you go and pick up a copy of “better is not so far away”. I’ve only just started reading the first few chapters and I am so thankful that a book like this exists.

Alternatively, if you are a parent or a friend who is trying to understand your loved one’s eating disorder or self-injury, this could surely be a great source of information for you to understand what it’s like to experience these hardships.

I really hope you check it out and let me know what you think!




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