When the future seems impossibly far away, focus on the little things

Recently, I’ve been experiencing a lot of dissatisfaction with where I currently am in life. I’m in a rush to start the next big phase and my focus on the future is causing me to overlook the present. I’m in such a rush to go from one point to the next that I’ve completely forgotten to celebrate the successes and triumphs of the present.

I’m a very goal-oriented individual; my goals for the future drive me to succeed. As a result, when I don’t have a goal or when my goal is currently unattainable, I begin to feel hopeless and depreciated. My self-worth is so essentially based on my goals for the future that when I encounter a road block it immediately has an impact on my sense of self.

Currently, I am experiencing one of these road blocks. It’s not a matter of being completely unable to attain my goal. It’s a matter of having to wait a year and a half before I can even begin working towards my goal. For me, that year and a half seems impossible. I’ve resorted to counting down the days by crossing each day off my calendar as it passes. The process is torturous. The days go by painfully slow.

However, I’ve recently figured out a way of making the days go by just a little bit faster. I’ve started to set myself goals which I can begin working towards immediately. Some of those goals are really small while others are long-term. While I haven’t noticed a drastic change in the speed of time passage as of yet, I have noticed that my overall mental state has improved. I’ve been keeping myself busy working towards my immediate goals which has given me something else to focus on.

With that being said, my thoughts always return to that oh-so-far-away goal no matter how much time I spend working on my more immediate goals. I know that a year isn’t really that much time in the grand scheme of life, but looking ahead to the future I can’t help but wonder whether I will be any closer to my goal one year from now. In the end only time will tell…




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