10 Pick-me-ups for when you’re struggling


  1. Treat yourself!! Whether it’s going out for a coffee or buying yourself a new pair of shoes, treating yourself to something can really help boost your mood and show yourself some love!
  2. Retail therapy. This one sort of builds on the previous point, but even just window shopping can help you feel better. Getting yourself out of your normal routine and into a more social environment can help you feel less alone and it can be a good distraction from any negative thoughts.
  3. Look good, feel good! Sometimes dressing up and making yourself look your best can really help you feel better. This can be a huge confidence boost and sometimes it’s nice to pamper yourself.
  4. Work out. It’s scientifically proven that working out releases endorphins which can make you feel better emotionally and physically.
  5. Set goals for yourself. Give yourself a sense of purpose and you’ll be amazed how much it can change your perspective!
  6. Take a “me day”. Give yourself a break and take a day to relax and unwind. Take a candle lit bubble bath while reading a book, watch some TV, or catch up on your beauty sleep! Do whatever it is that you like to do in order to relax!
  7. Express yourself. Let that negative energy out of your system. Creativity can be a great way to do this. Whether you like to colour, draw, paint, write (hello, bloggers!!!) or play a musical instrument, creativity can be cleansing for the mind.
  8. Sometimes the reason we feel so upset is because we are sleep-deprived. This is something that I’ve noticed has had a huge impact on me. If I’m running low on sleep I turn into an emotional, weepy ball of negative energy. The solution to this is obviously to catch up on that beauty sleep!
  9. Talk it out. Whether you call one of your closest friends over the phone, meet someone for coffee, or go visit your therapist, talking can be a great way to feel better. It allows you to put your feelings into words which can help you get those things off of your mind.
  10. Change up your routine. Sometimes the best way to get yourself out of a rut is to change up your routine. If you don’t change anything that you’re doing in your life, how do you expect to change the way you are feeling? Even a small change to your daily routine can help you improve your mood.

Challenge: Think of one thing that you do now that you would like to change, or something that is not currently part of your daily routine but which you would like to add to your routine. Brainstorm ways of how you could make this change possible. Bonus points if you are able to make the change!!

Good luck everyone!!




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