Seek to Understand


I’m one of those people who tends to overthink a lot of things, and while that can often be extremely annoying at 3am when I’m trying to sleep, it is also wonderful in the sense that I can find profound meaning in seemingly simple words, phrases, lyrics, images, etc.

I am a very analytical person by nature and I tend to hunt for hidden meaning. Whether this is finding deeper meaning in the lyrics of a song or finding quotes in books and taking them out of the context of the book to be applied to other areas of life; you might say I’m very open to interpretation.

Recently, I heard a colleague say “seek to understand” in reference to an issue of oppression and diversity. While it seems like such a blatantly obvious statement, it has such profound meaning.

What would the world be like if we all sought understanding? What would society be like if we accepted differences and asked questions out of curiosity and a willingness to learn about others rather than oppressing anyone who dares to deviate from the norms? I can’t help but wonder how different my own life would be if society was more accepting of mental illness and the struggles which I am facing. I wanted so badly to reach out to my colleague and tell her how much her words impacted me; but I couldn’t get past the fear of judgement.

While I cannot force the world to change in an instant, I can choose to change my own approach to diversity and differences. I can choose to seek to understand and spread this message to the people in my life in the hopes that I will be able to spread this message of acceptance and tolerance of differences.

Seek to understand.




One thought on “Seek to Understand

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    I’m one of those people too. Can be overwhelming sometimes, but love it for the most part. I’ve always said that if I could change the world in one way (you know those hypothetical questions) it would be for people to be more understanding. I would want no more misunderstandings to happen again.

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