Silencing your inner critic featuring Anna Akana

If you haven’t already seen Anna Akana’s videos on YouTube, you should definitely take a few moments (and by that I mean hours because she’s hilarious) to check out her channel.

Recently, during one of my Akana binge watching episodes I came across one of her older videos which really hit home for me. I have a huge inner critic, and I would argue that so do most other people in this world.

Whether we’re criticizing our appearance, our relationships, our personality, or our work, there always seems to be some reason to essentially bully ourselves. As the old saying goes, you are your own worst critic.

Ironically enough, we often criticize ourselves in the name of self-improvement when really what we are doing is self-deprecating. Therefore, if self-improvement is what you’re after then a much better approach is to try positive affirmations. By encouraging yourself rather than constantly putting yourself down you will increase your confidence and give yourself more chances to succeed.

Of course, this is easier said that done and while this is achievable on your own for some people, others might require the help of a therapist to overcome the inner critic. In fact, some forms of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are specifically intended to help people change their thought patterns. This is because mental health professionals recognize how difficult it can be to overcome thought patterns once they are ingrained in your life. With that being said, even though it is hard to overcome that voice in the back of your mind that inspires doubt, it is not impossible. With hard work you can definitely reclaim your confidence and silence that inner critic.




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