You are more than your external shell

I recently came across a YouTube channel by Savannah Brown in my recommended videos list and I was absolutely stunned by how much I can relate to this girl. She has struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues and is currently working towards self-love and self-acceptance.

I came across the above video while browsing her channel and I was really inspired by the messages she shares. She talks about the tendency of women to hate themselves and their bodies because of the messages presented to us in society. Heaven forbid a woman embrace her body and love the way that she looks without picking herself apart for all of the perceived flaws. That would be unacceptable and immediately shamed as being narcissistic and vain.

Women are constantly told by society that they are not good enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough–just plain not ENOUGH. So it’s no wonder so many girls and women struggle with issues like eating disorders, low self-esteem, and body dysmorphia.

I think Savannah brings up some really good points in her slam poem and it’s definitely worth watching. I hope it helps some of my readers in the same way that it helped me.

In the words of Demi Lovato, “what’s wrong with being confident”?




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