#MyIntent: Fire Within

IMG_20160103_160116Recently, I came across an organization known as My Intent which poses the questions “what virtue do you want more of”, “what challenge do you want to overcome”, “what are you passionate about”. The answer to these questions are different for everyone which is why the #MyIntent project creates custom jewelry for individuals in order to inspire them to reach their goals and overcome challenges.

When creating my own #MyIntent necklace, I chose the phrase “Fire Within” because it encompasses so much of who I am and who I wish to become.

First and foremost, “Fire Within” refers to my passion and determination. The phrase speaks to the fire inside of me that is a driving force for everything that I do and everything I want for my future. My past fuels this fire and pushes me to strive for my goals. The passion that I feel within myself is akin to the blazing heat and strength of a flame.

On the other hand, “Fire Within” also speaks to the self-destructive tendencies of my past and present which threaten to consume me just as fire would consume an entire forest in an instant. This fire is anxiety; it is trauma; it is perfectionism and the voice in my head that tells me self-starvation is the key to happiness. This fire is destructive and fueled by the pain of my past.

By wearing the phrase “Fire Within” around my neck every single day I am reminded of my goals for the future and all of the wonderful things that I want for my future. Simultaneously, I am reminded that in order to achieve these goals I need to first overcome the mental illnesses that have plagued me for nearly half of my life. I need to fuel the fire of my passion while simultaneously smoldering the flames of my past and taming the flames of my present.

A friend of mine saw the necklace last week while she was visiting me at my apartment and I realized that to an outsider looking in the phrase means nothing and might seem silly. But to me the phrase means so much and tells so many stories about who I am as a person, what I have overcome in my past, and what I continue to struggle with today. It’s strange how something can mean so much to me while everyone else in the world is oblivious to the power of the phrase.

Have any of you ever gotten involved in the My Intent project? I would love to hear your stories! Please feel free to leave me a comment below!




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