5 Year Q & A Reflection

72bf8ee853219c51bc8c412733672ed32 years ago I started a 5 year Q&A a day journal which asks a mixture of silly, serious, heartfelt, and philosophical questions. I starts in 2014 which makes January 2016 the beginning of my third year of answering questions.

At first, it was hard to remember to answer the questions (if I’m honest, I sometimes forgot for 3-4 days in a row), but now it’s just a ritual for me to answer a question before bed.

The great part about this book is that it helps me realize how much I’ve changed over the course of the last two years. As I’ve grown older and become more knowledgeable about certain topics, my perspective has changed. But the flip side to this is that a lot of my answers have stayed the same or very similar over the years which offers some insights into which of my beliefs, opinions, and traits are stable across time.

It’s also very interesting to look back on things that seemed to important two years ago but now seem absolutely trivial. Some of this is obviously because of the fact that we take the past for granted in the sense that once something has been achieved it no longer seems as important. But at the same time many of the things which I thought were extremely important even one year ago are not important now simply because I no longer place value on those things.

So much has changed in the past year and I am so very grateful to see that my outlook on life and my overall happiness seems to be improving as time progresses. Even as I answer the questions in the present moments I look ahead and wonder what the future will hold. I have to wonder what I will be thinking when I re-read my answers in a year. Will I still see value in my aspirations and perspectives of the present moment when I am looking back years from now? As I’ve said so many times before, only time will tell.

For anyone who is interested in doing more self-reflection and observing yourself change over the years, I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these Q&A journals. I can attest to the fact that time changes you as a person in ways that you might otherwise not realize unless you look back at the opinions and values of the person that you used to be. What would you learn about yourself if you were to keep a journal? Time will tell…or will it? Go get yourself a journal!!




One thought on “5 Year Q & A Reflection

  1. ZeroCalorieKid says:

    With mental illness you have to Carpe Deim or Seize the Day. On your good days you run with it, on your bad days you take baby steps. But you are still human, you still have worth. People with mental illness just live a little bit differently than those who don’t. Journaling helps you can see pattern in your thinking and know when behavior modification is necessary or you can see when improvements are made. Best to you . Keep writing.

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