Taking the Goodreads Challenge!!

1451450312-1451450312_goodreads_miscLast year I set myself a challenge to read 50 books in 2015. I finished in mid-December when I reached my goal, but then I read an extra book which brought me to a grand total of 51 books.

As someone who is always looking for a challenge and opportunities for self-improvement, I have decided to set the bar for the 2016 reading challenge to 51 books. Even though I managed to read 51 books in 2015, I still believe that I am setting the bar a little higher this year because I am striving to reach a higher goal than I was last year. If I manage to read more books than this goal as I did in 2015 then that would be a bonus! But for now I’m setting my goal just one book higher than last year’s goal, even if that means that I only read the same number of books as I did last year.

So far I’ve already finished one book in 2016 (shoutout to my fellow book worms!!) and I’m working on my second. January tends to be a good reading month for me every year because I get a lot of books for Christmas which motivates me to read more. I enjoy reading physical books more than e-books and up until recently I didn’t have a functioning e-reader. But now that I have both physical books and an e-reader I should be able to meet my goal of 51 books.

I’ll probably share my reading journey with all of you every once in a while if I find a book that is so amazingly awesome that I need to share it with you. Maybe I’ll create a monthly reader review featuring a list of all of the books I’ve read in the month and my reflections on them. I might enjoy that! Maybe I’ll have monthly themes for the topics that I read about. I could see this leading to some interesting blog posts!

Let me know if you have any good book recommendations and if you’re a fellow book worm I would definitely encourage you to set a reading challenge for yourself for the year. Happy reading!




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