Find a reason to feel beautiful


I think one of my greatest flaws is my unfaltering ability to find flaws in myself. I am a perfectionist; yet, I recognize that nothing is ever perfect and there is always room for improvement.

With that being said, there are moments when I look in the mirror and feel pretty. While I loath my body, I love my eyes. My eyes are a mirror image of my Dad’s eyes. My eyes are green with speckles of orange, but they also appear hazel depending on the light.

I also like my nose and my deep flaming red hair, both of which were also inherited from my Dad. And then there is my angular jaw line which I inherited from my Mom. I love how defined this feature is because it frames my face and makes me feel thinner somehow.

Obviously, it’s not every day that I am able to find beauty in these features, but I think it is important to focus on the features that we like while we are feeling pretty because at least we know that we are capable of finding beauty in ourselves.

I love staring myself in the eyes when I look in the mirror because I see my Dad’s eyes reflecting back at me. I’ve always been really close to my Dad so I love feeling like I have a part of him with me no matter where I go. And this also means that when I look into my Dad’s eyes, I see a little bit of myself in him. If I can find a little bit of myself in someone that I love so deeply, how can I not love myself?

I wanted to share this with you because I think it is important to keep in mind that even if you can find a million reasons to hate your body, there is always a reason to love it. Even if that reason is just the fact that your body is a vessel that allows you to exist, that is still a reason. I know that it can be hard to love yourself and your body, especially if you are struggling with body dysmorphia or an eating disorder, but I would like to challenge you to find something about yourself that you like.

I challenge you to make a list of all of the reasons why you should love your body, even if you can’t make yourself feel that love just yet. I know it might seem silly right now, but if you force yourself to think about the positives and remind yourself of these things regularly, then eventually you will think about these positives as automatically as you currently think about the negatives.

We have been conditioned to think about all of the things we hate about ourselves for so long that it seems impossible to achieve self-acceptance. But if we can condition ourselves to be self-loathing then there is no reason why we can’t also condition ourselves to be self-loving.






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