My favorite places

I think an important part of being a happy person is being in environments that make you happy, which got me thinking: what are my favorite places?


Surprise surprise, the introverted girl lists “home” as her #1 favorite place. But in all honesty being at home makes me feel safe, content, and comfortable. I enjoy spending nights at home reading or having some friends over. I don’t necessarily always want to be alone, but being at home is usually a good place to be whether I’m alone or with friends.



I’m not in school right now (I graduated with my BA in June), but I have applied to go back to school in September of 2016 for  my Master’s degree. During my undergraduate degree I loved spending time at school studying, completing assignments, and socializing with friends. School was one of the only places that I actually genuinely enjoyed social interactions without feeling exhausted after. I hate parties and large group get-togethers, so school was always a great place for me to socialize while also learning! I really hope I get to start my Master’s degree in September!



I love reading–LOVE it–so it sort of makes sense that bookstores are one of my favorite environments to be in. I can–and often do–spend hours browsing through aisle after aisle of books. And it’s even better when the bookstores have attached coffee shops, which leads me to my next point!

4.Coffee shops


I love spending time in coffee shops. And I’m not talking about Tim Hortons or Country Style. I’m talking about authentic cafes that serve good coffee with a unique twist. I like individuality and I really enjoy spending time in coffee shops that have the individuality and uniqueness that can’t be found in larger-scale chain stores like Dunkin’ Donuts of Coffee Time. As is the case with bookstores, I could spend hours in a coffee shops (usually reading a book or blogging) enjoying the authentic aromas and sipping on a nice warm latte.

5.My therapist’s office

therapy-office-jennine-san-diegoOkay, so this one might seem a little weird and in all honesty it’s probably more about the person I’m with than the actual space I’m in, but I really enjoy being in my therapist’s office. It’s a cozy space with little splashes of her personality in the decor. This space has always been a safe space for me and it is somewhere that makes me feel incredibly accepted. I feel as though my therapist’s office is one of the only places in existence where I can be myself and be entirely honest about my experiences without fear of judgement or scrutiny. Often when I’m going through a really difficult time I imagine myself sitting in my therapist’s office talking to her about the situation and I feel better.

6.My brother’s house

56aa09c448395d3d400e1a80f3408cb8 Again, I’m relatively certain that this has more to do with the people in the space than the space itself. My brother and his fiance live in a tiny apartment with their three fur babies. I love spending time at their place because it means that I get to talk to my brother and his fiance, but it also meas that I get to play with cats for a few hours. And who doesn’t love playing with cats!?




This post was a bit different from my usual mental health related posts, but I’m trying to spend more time focusing on the positive aspects of my life. I think by focusing more on the positives I will be able to improve my attitude and outlook over the course of the coming year. I hope you enjoyed!!




3 thoughts on “My favorite places

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    Home is the best, especially my room which I always called my sanctuary. And I adore bookshops and classrooms. Love your list!

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