I feel like a statistic

I feel like a statistic

Whenever I hear news stories or read articles about eating disorders the first sentence generally has something to do with the number of people in a given country suffering from an eating disorder in a year. While this may be true, by quantifying the illness as a mass issue it seems as though these statistics actually serve to minimize the suffering.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that eating disorders are common and that I am not unique in my illness; but it just seems as though talking about the disorders as a mass issue makes it seem like such a trivial problem right off the bat. I feel as though my suffering is being reduced to a number rather than being seen for what it really is: a serious illness. I feel as though I have been assigned a number, except I am not even worthy of my own number; I am only worthy of being recognized as one tiny insignificant part of a number.

My story is not seen as one of recovery and relapse, or as a struggle to overcome the demons of my childhood. My story is just a number.

I feel like a statistic.



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