I Found Myself

I’ve been a fan of Anna Clendening for quite a while, but I only recently discovered this song by her. The song, appropriately titled “I Found Myself”, tells the story of her struggles with self-harm and mental illness (or at least that is my interpretation of it knowing her past experiences dealing with these things).

The lyrics that really stand out to me are:

“I was broken, torn apart.
Scars line my arms, on my sleeve I wore my heart.
They remind me of what is real.
No longer needing pain to feel.”

I guess the reason that these lyrics stand out to me is a result of my own experiences with self-harm and the scars that line my own arms. With the one year anniversary of being self-harm free approaching I find myself relating to the line “no longer needing pain to feel” because I have been able to go so long without resorting to self-injury to cope. I still struggle with the urges, but I know that I don’t need the pain to get through whatever I’m dealing with. I can get through it without relapsing.

I hope that some of you will find meaning in the lyrics of this in the way that I have.




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