Wind on my face, sunshine in my eyes

One of the best feelings in the world is that of a warm breeze flowing across my face and through my hair with the sunshine beaming down on me and filling me with warmth. Admittedly, this doesn’t happen very often in the winter months, but today the weather was beautiful and I got to enjoy a nice long walk without wearing a coat for the first time in months.

Going for walks while listening to music is something that I do once or twice a day almost every day. It relaxes me, makes me feel energized, and helps me cope with anxiety. Even on the cold winter nights of January and February I’ve been going for walks because I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed. The bitterness of the chilly nights is not enough to deter me from reaping the rewards of anxiety relief.

As anyone who has been closely following this blog would know, I’ve been going through a rough patch recently. However, today was different. Today I woke up feeling the same sense of being in limbo that I’ve been feeling for weeks, but after a few hours of watching TV and essentially wasting my day off I decided to go for a walk to get some exercise. This was probably the best decision I made all day. The temperature was warm and the sun was shining and as I walked with my face lifted up towards the sky and the breeze flowing through my hair I felt contentment. I felt peaceful and happy. I felt like everything is going to be okay even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. It felt as though all of my worries and stresses melted away just as the snow melted from the sidewalks.

I came home after walking for an hour but I decided to go for another walk after being home for a short time. How could I spend my whole day sitting at home when the world is so beautiful and alive just outside of my window? I FINALLY felt alive again. I saw so much beauty in nature as I walked and I felt compelled to get my camera out for the first time in months. I used to love photography but I’ve lost touch with the things that I used to enjoy.

Today was such an eye opening day. I’ve been spending so much time alone worrying about the future that I’ve forgotten to live in the moment and embrace the time that I have right now. Isn’t it funny how something so seemingly simple can snap you out of your own mental prison, even if only for a few hours? Feeling the wind on my face and sun in my eyes brought me back to life for a few hours. I hope that this feeling of hope, happiness, and contentment with myself will last longer than the breeze through my hair.



3 thoughts on “Wind on my face, sunshine in my eyes

  1. blondepancake says:

    This is such a beautiful post. It’s like taking a deep fresh of air when we do things for ourselves. Keep being amazing xo

    • Discoverecovery says:

      Thank you! It was just a turning point in my day and made me so much happier. Today is a little too cold and cloudy to have the same effect but I’m still feeling better than I have been over the last few weeks 🙂

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