Just a little therapeutic art…

imageYesterday was a bittersweet day for me. It was my last day of working at the job that I’ve grown to love over the past 10 months. While I had the option to renew my contract for another term starting in the summer, I know without a doubt that I want to start school again in the fall to complete my Master’s degree and pursue my dream job working with people who struggle with mental health issues.

Despite the fact that I am currently feeling really optimistic about my future and excited about school, I was feeling pretty lonely and sad when I got home from my last day of work last night. So, I made a conscious decision to do something that I would enjoy rather than allowing myself to crawl into bed and wallow in my sadness.

I decided to bake some brownies for my brother and his fiance while watching the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. After those two tasks were complete I was feeling a bit better and I also felt a bit inspired. As a result, I decided to finally get around to painting the canvas that I’d been picturing in my mind for so long. I put on some good music and spent the evening painting.

If I’m honest, visual arts have never been my strong suit. I am good at writing and playing musical instruments, but I have never been anything more than sub-par when it comes to painting, drawing, sculpting, or any other visually artistic activity. However, I am pleased with how this turned out. While it is a fairly simplistic painting to create (not much detail) I am incredibly happy with how it turned out and I love how the background colours remind me of my favorite time of day: sunset.

Do any of you like to be artistic when you’re feeling down? Feel free to share some of your creations in the comments below! I would love to see/hear/read them! (blog posts count!)




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