Screw Beautiful. I’m Brilliant.


One of my absolute favorite moments in the Grey’s Anatomy series is depicted in the latter meme. When Cristina Yang states “Oh, screw beautiful. I’m Brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain”, she really stands for what I believe all women should strive for.

Societal standards tend to prioritize beauty over intelligence. I have experienced this numerous times, the most infuriating of which is when employers will judge someone based on their appearance rather than their qualifications. I’ve sen this happen before and I’ve openly criticized it. While I do not know if I have personally been the victim of this form of oppression in the workplace, I do know that I have been judged thousands, if not millions, of times  based on how I look, how big my waistline is, and how pretty my face is.

Personally, I love the quote by Cristina because my intelligence is one of the few things that I actually feel confident about. I take pride in my academic success and I have spent the majority of my educational career in the top of my class. I’ve always put a lot of effort into being a good student and I genuinely enjoy learning. I am a self-proclaimed nerd and I am incredibly proud of it!

If it came down to someone valuing me for my appearance or my intelligence, I would absolutely without a doubt choose intelligence. In all honesty, society feeds us so many lies about self-worth and what the “ideal” body looks like that I don’t even know how anyone values their appearance over their intelligence. Society makes it almost impossible for any woman to value herself for how she looks. But above all else, I believe that intelligence is more important than appearance because it is so much more meaningful. Brilliance will allow you to pursue your dreams and achieve success. I would rather be called “brilliant” over “beautiful” any day.

Stay brilliant my wonderful, smart, intelligent readers.




3 thoughts on “Screw Beautiful. I’m Brilliant.

  1. unmindfulness says:

    Oh I can relate to that! I’m a very hard worker student who passed the bar exam the first attempt, did an advanced master in a very prestigious university, got accepted in a PhD program (although didn’t pursue it), speak 3 languages, have experience in very respected international organizations and still have people overlooking all that. I once had a jealous colleague saying I only got the highest grade on my dissertation because I’m pretty! I live in a very sexist country and its very distressing being perceived as a piece of meat! I think man get intimidated by smart women, maybe they’re afraid they are going to lose their place or something! Thanks for sharing this great quote and keep up with the good work!!! XO Nina

    • Discoverecovery says:

      That you for sharing your story! I get so frustrated sometimes and feel as though my appearance is valued over the skill set even though my skills are where I shine! My accomplishments are what make me happy and fulfill my life. Of course I like to look pretty sometimes and get dressed up or put on some make up, but that shouldnt define me or any other women! We are so much more than our outer shells!

      • unmindfulness says:

        Exactly, we have he right to dress up and feel pretty if we want to. If we’re pretty they talk but if you don’t dress well and take care of yourself they talk as well. We can never win!!! We need to do things for ourselves regardless of other people’s opinion! XO Nina

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