30 Ways to de-stress and combat anxiety

This week everything is about stress and depression and anxiety. What can I say, I write about the things that I’m personally experiencing. So with that being said, here is a list of some of the ways that I cope with stress and relieve anxiety when I’m having a really hard day/week/month…(you get the picture).

  1. READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ (I can’t highlight this one enough. Reading is the best way to escape from stress and worries and anxiety. You get to immerse yourself in someone else’s world for however long you choose AND it’s a socially acceptable escape method!!)
  2. Make some tea/coffee/hot chocolate (best when paired with #1)
  3. Spend some time in bed with Netflix (maybe add some pizza if you’re feelin’ it)
  4. Increase your intake of magnesium, it’s a natural anti-depressant (in other words: eat more bananas)
  5. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep (perhaps consider taking a non-habit forming sleep aid every once in a while if you’re really anxious. The extra sleep could help you in the long run. Just don’t make it a habit)
  6. Go for a walk
  7. Go for a run
  8. Go shopping
  9. Watch a movie
  10. Go for lunch with a close friend (or invite a friend over to your place if you are too anxious to go out)
  11. Treat yourself to your favorite meal; sometimes it’s the simple things that can make all the difference
  12. Bake yourself a special treat (apple crisp, anyone?)
  13. Take a nap
  14. Write down everything that is stressing you out and then give yourself a specific amount of time (a few hours, the rest of the day, etc.) where you are absolutely NOT allowed to think about any of those things
  15. Draw, colour, paint, do something artsy
  16. Dance
  17. Listen to music (but not the kind that will make you feel worse)
  18. Exercise
  19. Start a blog
  20. Make a list of achievable goals that you want to work toward (this can be really good for motivation and hopefulness when you find yourself struggling to feel happy about the future)
  21. Call a friend, sibling, parent, or someone else who you find comfort in
  22. Play a musical instrument
  23. Write a motivational letter to yourself that you will open in 5 years
  24. Talk to someone on 7 Cups of Tea
  25. Watch YouTube videos
  26. Read articles online (or blogs!)
  27. Play video games
  28. Clean your room/apartment/ house (this may not be fun, but it will keep you busy!)
  29. Volunteer in your community
  30. Do more of your favorite hobby (for me this means referring back to #1 again…)


These are some of the things that I find myself turning to as a means of coping when I’m anxious or feeling a lot of stress. I know that not everyone will like all of the things on my list, but I hope this inspires you to think of your own anti-stress activities. I keep a list of my personal favorites on my phone so that I can assign myself a task when I’m feeling extremely anxious. It’s not easy to force yourself to snap out of anxiety and worrying so I find that keeping a list on my phone helps me by giving me a starting point.

I hope that some of these ideas help you! Let me know in the comments what your favorite coping techniques/methods are!



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