Life is too short to waste time pulling dandelions.


Today’s post is inspired by rambling thoughts that I had while I was on the bus coming home last night. While I was sitting there on the public transit bus listening to Selena Gomez’s “Revival” album on full volume to block out the screaming children who were also on board the bus, I looked out the window to see a man using a gardening tool to pull dandelions from his front lawn while a young girl was sweeping the sidewalk nearby (presumably the man’s daughter).

This observation got me thinking, why do people waste so much time on things like pulling weeds out of their front lawn? I mean, seriously, grass is a weed too! So really you’re pulling weeds out of a small field of other weeds. Not to mention the fact that they’re going to come back in a few weeks anyway, hence the old adage “growing like a weed”…Call me crazy, but this just seems like such a waste of your precious time.

When I was younger my dad used to make me pull the dandelions from the front yard and I absolutely HATED it, almost as much as I hated raking leaves in the fall (seriously, what is the point of raking leaves when your property is essentially surrounded by a small forest!?). I just didn’t understand the point of pulling weeds or raking leaves, or trimming bushes or pretty much any yard work aside from cutting grass. I understand that some chores are necessary. For example, laundry needs to be cleaned so that you have fresh clothing to wear to school, work, etc. But what purpose does pulling weeds really have? Personally, I find dandelions to be aesthetically pretty and they remind me of fun summers days when I was a kid, so in my opinion it is counterproductive to pull them because you’re taking away the pretty flowers in your yard…but obviously the rest of the world disagrees with me because there is a whole industry of products and tools that people pay a lot of money for to get rid of the dandelions…

*sigh* moving on…

This post isn’t really about the dandelions. I mean, it is (the OUTRAGE!!) but it isn’t. What I’m really trying to get at is the root of the problem (heh heh heh pun intended); why do people waste time doing things they don’t like doing if those things serve no purpose in their overall happiness or well-being?

Sure, people have to do things they don’t enjoy all the time. People have to work crappy jobs to pay the bills to sustain themselves and their families. People have to pay taxes and act as law abiding citizens. These things may not be “fun” but they serve a purpose: they contribute to your overall happiness by giving you the financial means to pay for basic necessities (and hopefully some extras!) and they keep you out of jail, which is always a plus! However, in the case of pulling dandelions from your front lawn, is there really any joy to be had from the result? What is the point!? Why waste your time? If something brings you no joy and has no greater purpose, then why do we feel the need to spend our precious time doing such things? And this is just one example!

do-more-of-what-makes-you-happyLife is too short to waste time on things that do not contribute to your happiness or the betterment of society. Just think of how much time we spend doing things that we don’t enjoy and which we are not actually required to do but feel a strange sense of obligation to do. We waste so much of our lives doing things that make us unhappy, and for what? In the end, we can’t get that time back. When you look back on your life and you see that you could have spent that time doing something that you actually enjoyed, wouldn’t you want to change it and get that time back? You could spend more time with your family and friends or read a book or go on the vacation of a lifetime. All of those hours and days spent doing things that we don’t want to do add up to account for a HUGE amount of our lives and I just don’t want to live my life like that anymore. I want to do more of what makes me happy! I want to stop doing things that make me miserable (shout out to my teenage self who decided to rebel against dandelion pulling!!) and I want to use all of that time that I am no longer wasting and put it towards doing things that will actually help me become a happier person. After all, I only have one life to live and I want to make the most of it.

Side note: I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure dandelions serve a purpose in nature. So, if you’re like me and you HATE pulling dandelions, just think of yourself as a soldier in the fight to save nature one little flower at a time. Just a thought. 

In conclusion: life is too short to waste time pulling dandelions.





3 thoughts on “Life is too short to waste time pulling dandelions.

  1. Bradley says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you about dandelions. When I was a kid, I would bring large bouquets of them to my mom and say, “Here’s some pretty flowers.” She always acted grateful and happy to get them.

    The one chore I loathe, and don’t think it should matter to anyone else in the universe, is making the bed. My mom was not one of those who would yell at us to make our beds. What’s the point? It’s just going to get messed up again at night.

    • Discoverecovery says:

      That’s another great point! I enjoy coming home to a neatly made bed so that I don’t have to worry about wrestling with the blankets to get comfortable, but I can also see the other side of the coin. For you, there is no happiness to be had from making a bed. For me, it’s something that makes me feel more comfortable when I get home after a long day so I’ve always been someone who makes my bed. I think if something brings you happiness of some kind then you should do it (as long as it doesnt hurt others) but if its something that you hate doing that will not effect anyone else if you stop doing it then why bother doing it?!
      Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. LaShelle says:

    I do believe that people need to take more time to do things that make them happy, we need to be creative and have joy. Although I don’t want dandelions to take over my lawn… 🙂

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