History Repeats Itself


Have you ever noticed how history tends to repeat itself when it comes to trends?

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix over the past few weeks (and I do mean A LOT) and among my top choices for shows to binge watch is the popular sitcom, Friends.

What I’ve noticed which watching the show is that much of the popular fashion from the 90s has made a comeback. We’re talking RayBan sunglasses, crop tops, leggings, leather (or faux leather) clothing items, maxi dresses and skirts, high-waisted pants and shorts, bold floral patterns, mixing patterns together…the list could go on for quite a while.

I’m no fashion blogger, but for some reason this trend relapse has really caught my attention.  I mean, if you think about it, this could save a lot of money! If you have clothing that is popular right now and you notice that fashion trends repeat themselves then realistically you could save your clothes and pass them on to your children in 20 years when they’re fashionable and ‘hipster’ again!

I have no intention of having kids (at least not biological) so this observance doesn’t really do much to save me any money in the long run, but hey! If you’re someone who likes to be environmentally friendly while also saving yourself some money, maybe you should hang on to your favorite fashion pieces. You never know when they could be all the rage all over again!

This has been a bit of a random post and admittedly it isn’t exactly the most insightful or high-quality post, but I felt like writing and I was lacking in inspiration for other topics.  I hope someone enjoys this! Have any of you noticed the cycle of fashion repeating itself? It’s entirely possible that this is a widespread piece of information and I’m just cluing into it now…like I said, I’m no fashion blogger 😉

Thanks for reading lovely people of the internet!




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