Some career choices baffle me


Today, like many days throughout my life, I found myself sitting in the waiting room of a medical lab waiting to get a blood test and I couldn’t help but wonder: what would possess someone to want to stick people with needles for a living?

I mean obviously there must be something that draws people to this profession. Maybe it’s an interest in science or wanting to work in the medical field, but of all the medical jobs out there, why would you want to be the person who has to spend day after day drawing blood from people? As someone who has an overwhelming fear of needles, I can’t imagine what would be so enticing about such a career path. And yet, for the most part my experiences with phlebotomists have been fairly positive in the sense that they are usually compassionate, caring people who seem to be happy with their jobs. Therefore, logic would lead me to believe that if they don’t appear to hate their jobs, they must enjoy what they do. It baffles my mind that this profession could be enjoyable, but then again, what do I know; I’m the wimp who still asks them to use the little needle…

With that being said, there are also many people out there who have asked me why I would want to dedicate my career to being a therapist. “Why would you want to listen to people complain day in and day out” is a fairly common question that I receive when I tell people that I am working towards becoming a therapist. For me, the answer is simple: I want to help people overcome mental illness because I have personally experienced just how debilitating the experience can be and I also know how much therapy can improve the lives of people who are suffering. In short, I want to help people.

Oddly enough, I suppose a phlebotomist might have the exact same answer to my question. Maybe they chose their career path because they wanted to help people. While I absolutely HATE getting blood tests done, I realize that they are an essential part of the diagnostic process and that such tests can save lives. So in this respect, I can see why someone might feel drawn to this career; I just have a difficult time getting past my own fear of blood tests in order to appreciate the significance of the work that these individuals are doing. After all, being part of the team of healthcare professionals who help saves lives is certainly an admirable and fulfilling position to be in I would imagine.

So I suppose under further inspection I can sort of begin to understand why someone would want to become a lab technician, even if the thought of such a career makes me nearly pass out. It certainly wouldn’t be for everyone, but I guess the same could be said of any career really.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever wondered this about any specific career paths? Let me know in the comments below!




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